Top Dog Imaging

Top Dog Imaging brought tintypes, vintage photos, tattered arworks and documents back to life.


The original tintype, ca.1865, is darker than it appears on the screen. Fungal damage and scratches obscured much of the detail. Top Dog resuscitated the photograph by taking multiple exposures of the original tintype under a variety of lighting setups. Further enhancements include "straightening up" the house and adding blur (per the client's request) to separate the foreground from the background.

A client brought pieces of the original photograph to Top Dog in a plastic bag. It is one of the few items her grandmother took with her across the Atlantic when she immigrated to the United States. The restored image is printed on archival cotton paper; it will last for two hundred years.


This photo, mounted onto canvas one hundred years ago, shows damage resulting from improper storage. The brown spots are from the acid leaching from the glue used to mount the picture onto canvas. This restoration required many hours of meticulous art work.

This photo was taken and hand-colored in the early 1900s. Water damage and decades of neglect—exposure to tobacco smoke, daylight, and humidity caused severe damge. Proprietary technology and knowledge of the characteristics of antique dyes/pigments used for colorizing pictures made it possible to accurately restore the photo.