The Wet Dog Across the Pond

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Every so often, a gift falls from the sky or drifts in from cyberspace. This gift arrived via the photography website that I have been visiting for years—The Luminous Landscape (LL). It is a wonderful place to visit, especially if you are interested in photography, photographers, tech-talk, and camera gear.

Every so often, I upload one of my dog pictures onto LL. My favorite place to post is in the section called "The Coffee Corner" located at the bottom of LL's discussion board page.

A few weeks ago, while checking out LL, I saw an excellent picture of a dog. I liked the image so much that I emailed the photographer to ask if I could show it on my blog.

The photographer, Jim Pascoe, emailed back. He gave me permission and attached that picture along with another.

I love the mood this picture evokes. It has the "feel" of a 1930s English film, a la Hitchcock.

Hello Robert

I enjoyed reading Jim Pascoe's reply. His note contains a pleasant blend of humor and irony.

"Hello Robert,

Funny enough, I was thinking of you when I uploaded the picture to Luminous Landscape, because I believe you are the guy who sometimes posts dog related stuff onto the site, and I am not really an animal photographer.

Glad you like the picture though, and I have attached two different ones for your blog. I was photographing two little boys in the New Forest here in England. Mum had brought along our dog who was making a nuisance of himself by running around in and out of the stream nearby—generally getting in the way as they (dogs) do! It was a muddy, wet, and grey day. After the shoot, mum strapped the boys into the back of the Land Rover and shut the dog in. As we were standing around chatting, I noticed the dog poking his head out of the vehicle window and looking around the woodland car park in an interested way—I was just inspired to point the camera at him. He was wearing a fluorescent yellow collar so the mono (B & W) conversion was an easy way out!

For the technically minded, I took the picture with my old Canon 1Ds mk3 and a Zeiss 50mm f2 macro lens (manual focus). The aperture was f2.8. Because it was quite dark, the ISO was 800.

I am available for dog portrait shoots in the US, subject to travel costs and accommodation of course! Hah, hah!

Best wishes, Jim"

Top Dog note: The wet dog across the pond pictures are among my favorite dog photos found on the web so far this year. If you have an interesting dog picture, please tell me about it in the "Leave a Reply" section below. I will respond with instructions on how to send a jpg to TDI world headquarters.


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One Response to The Wet Dog Across the Pond

  • Ben Kilgour says:

    This is our dog Fraggle, he is a very photogenic lad and has been featured a few times, here and there. I do have some pretty amazing non staged pics of him if your interested. He’s a 5year old first cross labradoodle.

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