Thanksgiving Weekend

Monday, November 28, 2011

Cameras are cool. Dogs are tops. Taking pictures of canines is my idea of a good time. This Thanksgiving weekend afforded me many opportunities, both as a pro and as a hobbyist.

Thanksgiving Eve

I took this with my new Olympus Pen camera. It has tons of built-in "artistic" effects. I used the "grainy black and white" filter to capture our pet dog, Jazz, and my wife, Sara, on a nighttime stroll.


On Thanksgiving Day, we drove to South Florida to feast with members of my extended family. One-third of the way to our final destination, we came upon the Desert Inn. It is located at Yeehaw Junction at the intersection of US 44, SR 60, and Florida's Turnpike. According to Wikipedia, the name "Yeehaw" is Seminole Indian in origin and means 'wolf.' Wolves inhabited the area until white folks eradicated them. During the 1930s, the Desert Inn was a brothel. It catered to the local ranchers. Now it is an historical landmark. I pasted a picture of a Wiener dog into the photo.

Black Friday/Bark Friday

Before noon, a delightful pack of Wieners dropped by my studio to pose for their annual Christmas picture.


I had a long, long session with a friendly Wheaton Terrier. I have not processed the files yet.


I drove over to the next town to visit friends. I like their dogs. The notion of a "Sunday drive" dog-theme popped into my head. My friends agreed to let Henry and Dodger pose inside their car.

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