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Photographing Small Dogs

Thursday, July 25, 2013

It is easy to design high-key lighting schemes to photograph small dogs in a studio environment.

A few days ago, a client brought Boo-Boo, a 14 ½-year-old Pomeranian, to the studio. Prior to our session, we discussed his temperament and distinguishing features. I think it is important to gather information about a dog and his/her owner at least a couple of days before the shoot. A window of even only a couple of days allows me to think about lighting, lenses, and an idea of how to arrange the studio. Although my dog portraits are minimalistic, they do require a good amount of preparation.

My family has a small collection of stuffed dogs and two real ones–a young eleven-pound Chiweenie, and a senior 40-pounder mixed-breed. My favorite stuffed dog is Snoopy. My wife got him about forty years ago; they were inseparable throughout her childhood.


Either real or stuffed, our dogs help me prepare for a gig. I like stuffed animals; they do not demand treats or get restless. Snoopy is great for testing out lens and lighting combinations.



Boo-Boo's Photo Session

Boo-Boo and his human arrived right on schedule. The entire session from beginning to end, including final review of the images on an off-camera monitor, took less than an hour.  Due to my prep work and having an assistant available to help manage Boo-Boo, the shoot went smoothly.

















Afterwards, I rewarded myself by taking a nice long nap. Odds are that Boo-Boo did the same.


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