Silly Dogs

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My lovely wife, Sara, among other things, is an advertising copywriter. She has a knack for coming up with expressions that are "sticky." Her talent has rewarded her with steady work for decades with nary an interruption.

She came up with something "sticky" about two weeks ago—"The Sillies." And what do "The Sillies" refer to? The Sillies are our old pet dog Jazz and our recently adopted three-year-old Chiweeny, Little Guy.

Silly Number One, Jazz, is the Jealous Type

Jazz is not keen on the concept of sharing us with the new canine on the block. She predictably inserts herself between any family member and Little Guy—when he is the target of our affection. Our tactic is to lift Little Guy up and set him onto our laps or let him lounge on us. Jazz is polite and well mannered. She stays off the furniture.

The Two Sillies Get Along Fine

One of our big concerns prior to adopting a Chiweeny was whether Jazz and a prospective adoptee would get along. It turns out that the dogs get along fine and spend most of their time dozing together by the dining room window. Jazz occasionally coaxes Little Guy into a spirited game of chase. Little Guy out-maneuvers her every time. He is zippy. 

When I try to snap photos of them together, they initially greet me with nervous tongue flicking.


Fortunately, the dogs eventually relax and give me one or two good poses.

We resurrected Jazz's old crate for Little Guy. We figured that he would like to have a "safe haven" to retreat to for chilling out. He spends about an hour or two a day in his crate. At night, he sleeps in our daughter's bed.

Little Guy and Jazz are silly dogs. I do not know why. They just are.

For all you shutterbugs out there, these photos were taken with an Olympus Pen E-PL1 and the14-42mm kit lens.

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