Dog Photographer Lament

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A couple days ago, I set up a micro-portable studio at a local pet boutique. The proprietor and staff are amazing. Their customers are loyal and friendly. Unfortunately, the area set aside for the photo shoot occupied less than seventy square feet. Most of the time, I am able to work around space limitations. After all, I have taken pictures of dogs in areas smaller than the interior of a VW Bug. In tight situations, I take close-ups. Ninety percent of the time, with a single dog, the "close-up" works.

Close-ups are not an option when two medium-sized dogs enter the frame.

These sisters were well behaved, charming, and interesting. Unfortunately, the background was limited to 53" wide seamless paper—standard headshot width. The dogs (Australian Cattle Dogs) had to be "bunched-up" to fit into the frame. The camera managed to capture their character, and my client is pleased with the cropped version below. But, it would have been thrilling to photograph the dogs in a bigger space. That would have given me more options, a wider range of lighting setups and compositions to explore.  A dog photographer lament: "If only I had had more space."


Top Dog's studio has a shooting area of approximately six hundred square feet. The studio swallows a nine-foot long seamless background with ease. It allows plenty of room to explore interesting options.



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